Beginner, when starting their career as a musician, then they mostly prefer home recording studio. The common problems in the home recording studio are occurring due to musical instruments. Beginners are facing difficulties in the selection of suitable instruments. Moreover, they are unaware of the best software and tools required for the record the music. If you are facing this problem, don’t worry. Below we mention the list of best home recording studio equipment for beginners.

For solving these problems, firstly, you need to learn about each musical instrument. After that, you can select the tool like music gear, headphones according to your requirement and budget. It means you need to choose a decent quality and budget-friendly equipment.  Moreover, you must be aware of the step of recording the music. Select of software is according to your song nature and your need.

As a musician, its a dream of everyone to record music and introduce it in public. If you don’t have the confidence to record music in the studio, then don’t worry. You set your home recording studio and then introduce your song. If you are a beginner and you want to put your home recording studio, then here we tell you the list of best home recording studio equipment for beginners. Moreover, we also suggest you the best music production equipment.

List of best home recording studio equipment

Here we mention home studio equipment, which is necessary for recording music.


The computer is the most important recording studio equipment, Which saves both time and energy. Remember that both the window and mac are showing good results. Moreover, you must select a computer which has good processing power.  For musicians, you need to check just two things on the computer. The first is good RAM, and the second is good processing. What is the minimum RAM requirement? .The laptop with 8GB RAM is perfect for you.

Digital audio workstation

Digital audio workstation is using for recording, editing, and mixing music. You must select this device according to your music nature and your budget. Moreover, when you buy DAw fro your studio, you must confirm it is working well with your pc. There are two types of audio works stations available. One is a free digital audio work station, and the other is paid. If your budget is tight, then you can move to a free audio workstation.

Moreover, the best free audio workstation is band lab, MULab, pro tools first. On the other hand, if your financial condition is good, you can move to a paid device. The best-paid audio workstation is pro tool 10, avid pro tool, FL Studio 12.

Audio interface

After buying a computer and audio workstation, you need to choose your home recording studio’s audio interface. It is a device that is you connected to your pc. When you select the audio interface, it must check whether this audio interface is perfect with your personal computer or laptop. Moreover, as a beginner, all in one audio interface is highly recommended.


The studios’ monitor is specially designed because the studio monitor is providing flat results. In case you buy a cheap monitor, then it affects the quality of your music. So you need to invest a small amount on the monitor.  The monitor is showing good results as compared to speakers. So we recommend you, monitor. Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor, Adam Audio T7V 7″ Active Studio Monitor is suitable for beginners.


The in-home recording studio microphone is essential equipment. Instead of another dynamic microphone with the model of Shure, SM7B is best for recording music.

Moreover, if you are a beginner, then a large-diaphragm microphone is beneficial. Besides, to the microphone, you need a microphone stand. Microphone stands are available in different sizes and styles. Different types of sizes and styles of the microphone are performing a different task.


As a monitor, a particular type of headphones is also design for a home studio. Moreover, regular headphone is not suitable for a studio. You can use it to listen to a sound. While if you want to do mixing and editing, you need a particular type of studio headphones. Which type of headphone is the best home recording studio? For a home studio, you can use open back, half-open and closed-back headphones.

Audio cables

For connecting the home studio equipment, you need a good quality audio cable. A good quality cable is a bit expensive, but if you use cheap quality cables, you can get a good quality of sound, in addition to audio cables.


It is a net-like material that is placing between the microphone and the singer’s mouth. Moreover, remember that a specific pop filer is used for the particular microphone. When you got the market for buying the pop filler, then you must consider the following things: filtering material which is must be made up of metal or nylon. Remember that both you of material are performing different work.

Moreover, the nylon pop filer is old technology, but the metal pop filter is up to date. So you must use a metal pop filter. These are all the best home recording studio equipment for beginners.

Final Words

In conclusion, we can say that if you are a beginner and searching for a budget-friendly and best home recording studio setup, then you can follow the above mention tips. Moreover, you can enhance your recoding set up and get more impressive results when you become a professional musician.

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