The most common problems people face when writing a melody are: they don’t have sufficient knowledge about the notes and song elements. Moreover, people face difficulty composing songs because they have no clear idea about the baseline and scales of melody. If you are facing this problem, then don’t worry. In this article, we tell you the ultimate guide for the musician how to write a melody.

The best solution for resolving these problems is you need to follow the scale and chords. Moreover, you need to write a plan and stepwise lines. For making your melody memorable, you need to use repetitive elements and make a strong relation with baseline.

Whatever is your song genera, you must need a melody. Memorable and successful melodies can be created by plotting the notes randomly. Moreover, drawing a structure before playing is beneficial. Is creating and writing a melody is your passion?. If yes, then here we mention the ultimate guide for the musicians how to write a song.

Guide For The Musician How To Write A Melody

Below I mention the five best tips and steps about melody. Moreover, by following these points, you can easily understand how to create a melody, how to compose a melody and write a melody.

Select A Sale

It would help if you started with scale limits, and the number of notes can be used in a straightway. In this way, your time safe, and the chances of mixing the keys are minimum. We use C major pentatonic scale to get perfect results, containing the C, D .E .G A keys. So if you want to get excellent results, then I recommend this scale to you.

Create A Rhythm

After selecting the scale, the next step is creating a rhythm. It would help if you made a rhythm for your melody. Moreover, here we clear your melody is not the succession of notes. Instead of that, it is the rhythmic succession of notes. Here one thing is precise rhythm is very important for melody, so never ignore it. Here the question comes in the mind which musical instrument is suitable for creating rhythm. For creating a rhythm, the drum is working excellently.

Draw A Counter:

The third step of writing a melody is drawing a counter. In this step, you need to sketch the melody where you draw a counter. So for the best results, you draw a counter on paper. Moreover, it would be best if you gave the numbering to the ups and downs. In this way, you clearly understand how to write a melody.


At this point, you need to move back to the counter line and changing the notes until you find something that rings with your mindset. Moreover, if you think to draw a counter is current for melody, then I suppose you might be wrong .Remmber that creating the noters and fix the points is necessary.

Add flair:

At the point, your melody is ready, but if you don’t make it more exciting and memorable, then you need a few adjustments. What adjustment is require? You need to adjust more points or notes. At the same time, the length of each not changes for others. This is the most necessary point if you want to know how to write a melody.

Whole Tone:

A complete one tone consists of two small techniques: the gap between the note and the other. Moreover, we can say that it is a distance from one key to another. Furthermore, semi or small tones means half of the whole tone. While in the entire tone, we jump from one note to another.

The Scale Formula:

If you want to learn how to write a song and compose music the learning a scale formula is essential. Moreover, the scale formula is consists of two parts. One is major, and the other is minor. Look at below the significant and minor procedure.

Major Formula:

W, W, W, H, W, W, W, H

Minor Formula:

W, W, H, W, W, H, W

Here the question comes in mind how you write this formula. The scale formula is the combination of semi tunes and half tunes.


Timing is the space or gap between the notes. Moreover, remember that each note has a different value, and the tone of the melody depends on these notes. So if you want to create a perfect melody, you must have sufficient knowledge of these notes. If you want to know how to write a melody, then follow above mention tips.

Other Beneficial Tips:

If you want to create a perfect sound full of inspiration, follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • Use complete silence
  • Switching of instruments
  • Moving the instrument up and download the octave.
  • Delete or remove every sound note.

Are You Creating Melody By Using Chord  Then …

It would help if you worked with the chord’s rhythm, creating the strong melody notes present in the chord. It would help if you gave extra attention to creating notes when you change the chord.


I am winding on and on. The characteristic is revolving and repeats itself.

Avoid too many changes in the pitch and rhythm.

Final Words:

Now you should have a better idea about writing a melody and how to compose it and add inspiration to them. No doubt, melody writing is tricky and challenging, but if it is your passion, you can enjoy this enjoyment source. First, you need to know melody; then, by practising, you can improve your skills. Moreover, if you follow the tips mentioned above and ways, you can surely get good results. So don’t wait more and use the correct method for writing a melody.

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