Hit me one time
Hit me twice

Hello out there in swap shop land
I’m gonna introduce this band – hit it

Perfect rhythm is the sign of a true thoroughbred
Meet drum emperor, Mr. David Palmer
Salvador Dali, of the cymbali
A king without a crown, Mr. David Palmer, hit it

Let your fingers do the walkin’
Let mister bass man do the talkin’
The sound you are hearing in the background
Is the sound of mister bass man and his bass guitar
Sound of elastic
The sound of plastic
That puts this whole soup together

Am I right, am I wrong
You’ll find this mark where the beat goes on
6 strings at his disposal
60’s soul in his hold-all
Hit it, Mark

Now sax – equal sex – equal sax
Which makes Stephen pornographic
Telephone, ex-directory – saxophone whoa
Blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow
Listen listen listen

Drum, spank, drum
Blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow
Drum, spank, drum

Don’t forget the guy that rhymes moon with tune
And croons with…
Let the golden throated teacher
Let Mr. Martin Fry preach ya – hit it

I hold in my hand 3 letters
I hold in my hand 3 letters

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